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Chris’ cartoons have appeared in the Washington Post, the Australian, the Daily Telegraph, the Herald Sun, the Bulletin, Crikey, the Northern Territory News and the Tasmanian Mercury.

1   Long Live the Messy Desk
“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” Albert Einstein, Theoretical physicist, exponent of messy desks.
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cartoon cluttered desk hiding occupant

2   Pilot Fatigue
The significant danger of long flying hours for pilots and passengers
cartoon air safety falling plane pilot fatigue

3   Aircraft Safety
Current airport safety procedures are inadequate for newer, larger aircraft
cartoon air safety plane burning outdated procedures

4  Dressing Up on Dress Down Fridays
“Gentlemen you look neither cool nor hot in your suit without a tie. George Clooney does. You look half-dressed.” Leo D’Angelo Fisher, Freelance journalist and management authority
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man wearing tie wine barrel

5   Death by PowerPoint
” A presentation needs to be an Indiana Jones movie, not the PowerPoint equivalent of Andy Warhol’s eight-hour epic Empire.” Paul Edwards, Manager, operations strategy at ANZ
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cartoon deathly boring powerpoint presentation

6   Passive-AggressiveWorkplace Sexism
” Just joking” can mask a form of covert sexism that erodes women’s confidence and has an impact beyond the woman who is targeted to those who hear or observe the behaviour.”Catherine Fox, Journalist and author
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cartoon office dialogue man woman

7   Best Practice Industrial Maintenance
#6 of 12 company posters & calendar on best-practice maintenancecartoon industry poster series best practice maintenance

8   Corona Virus Mask-Wearing Etiquette 
So many new things to learn.Mask wearing Covoid Corona Virus Crisis

9   Even the Animals have to Wear Masks
Maybe …
Even the animals wear masks during Corona Virus