Gift Caricatures

Celebrate a colleague’s achievements with a gift caricature or farewell them with an exceptional caricature card. Make a friend feel special with a framed caricature.
Use my skills & your insights to provide clever, thoughtful gift.


1/14   Farewell Card for Union Colleague
Vector Graphic
caricature red haired woman work colleague union organiser

2/14   Gift Caricature for Work Colleague
Hand Drawn, Watercolour
businessman falcon swooping down on crowd below

3/14   Melbourne’s Best Bar Manager
Hand Drawn, Watercolourgift caricature red haired woman

4/14   Corporate Team Caricature
Vector Graphic
corporate executive team caricature celebrate successful project outcome

5/14   Anniversary Gift for Partner & Pets
Hand Drawn, Computer Colour
caricature married couple tractor pet dog pig lambs

6/14   George, Whisky & His New Best Friend
Vector Graphic, Photoshop
caricature man beard moustache whisky hat

7/14   Gift for Busy Doctor Dad
Hand Drawn, Computer Colour

8/14   Paul. Melbourne Music Impresario
Hand Drawn, Watercolour and Ink
Paul. Booking agent Melbourne bands music hat

9/14   Retirement Card. More Tennis Time
Vector Graphic
caricature man desk hobbies marketing executive professional

10/14   Corporate Caricature, ANZ CEO
Vector Graphic
Caricature Blue Notes launch ANZ online media executive officer bank professional

11/14  Want your face on a magazine cover? 
Hand Drawn, Watercolour, Computer Layout
gift caricatures magazine style smiling man

12/14   Mr Staver. Fitzroy Real Estate King
Vector Graphic

13/14   Gary Quan. RE Agent of the Year
Vector Graphic
gift caricatures real estate agent

14/14   Peter Caspari. Cardiac Surgeon, Golfing Enthusiast
Watercolour and Ink
gift caricature golfer cardiac surgeon