Ideal illustrations for clever children’s books. Gentle books, darker books, books for naughty children or just books of sheer fantasy, I work with you to help present the story you want to tell with imagination & beautiful illustrations.

1   Frieda’s Left Wing Began to Itch …
Pencil, Watercolour Pencils 
illustrations winged frog

2   The Pinkish Lumps
Pencil, Ink, Watercolour
illustrations small pink fantasy creatures

3   The Absent-Minded Mouse
When the mouse awoke, he had no idea in what direction the teapot was travelling. Possibly it was west. Probably it wasn’t.illustration surprised mouse looking out of teapot

4   Mr Frog Loses His Pants
Mr Frog liked to paraglide using a handful of daisies …Frog with daisies blown away in the wind and losing his pants

5   Missing in the Desert
There had been no news of the travellers for over a month and Eric was getting worried.Duck with red fez reads a poster about a caravan of ducks missing in the desert

6  The Red-headed Purple Finch
He was only a small bird but his disguise kept him safe.A purple bird hidden amongst purple leaves

7   Eric the Duck
On a beautiful day like today, Eric loved to go for a swim in the lake.Duck with a red hat swimming in a pond with a fish

8   Ms Lily McDuck
Lily liked nothing better than to put on a nice hat of succulents when going out.A duck dressed as a lily with a hat of succulents

9   Monsieur Le Canard
M’sieu le Canard would often go to the movies with his friend Ms McDuck.Two ducks in evening wear going to the cinema

10   Off for Lunch
The three friends always dressed up when going out for lunch.A duck wearing a succulent on her head meets her two cockatoo friends

11   Mr Egg Dressed in Winter Furs
A fur coat and a big fur hat kept his bald little head warm in winter.illustration egg shaped man on chair paper clothes

12   Lord Miffington in Russia
Lord Miffington was enormously proud of his hat made of weasel fur.illustration wealthy man multi-coloured hat redcoat