Ideal illustrations for clever children’s books. Gentle books, darker books, books for naughty children or just books of sheer fantasy, I work with you to help present the story you want to tell with imagination & beautiful illustrations.

1/24   Frieda’s Left Wing Began to Itch …
Pencil, Watercolour Pencils 
illustrations winged frog

2/24   The Pinkish Lumps
Pencil, Ink, Watercolour
illustrations small pink fantasy creatures

3/24   So Many Dancing Pigs, mused Alice
Pencil, Computer Colour
illustration pig dancing table small girl watching

4/24  A Question Needs an Answer, he thought…
Pencil, Colour Pencils
illustration caterpillar smoking on mushroom

5/24  The First Bow Tie of Spring
Pencil, Colour Pencils
illustration rabbit wearing red polka dot bow tie

6/24   Poster & character logo: Cohealth Medical Clinic
poster character logo for Cohealth Medical Clinic

7/24   The Neat Little Teacher
Ink, Watercolours
illustration neat female teacher carrying briefcase umbrella

8/24   Everyone thought the puppet asleep. Except for the puppet …
Pencil, Computer Colour
illustration evil looking puppet

9/24   Leroy and the Flying Man
Pencil, Computer Colour
illustration dog fantasy character circus props

10/24   The Absent-Minded Mouse
When the mouse awoke, he had no idea in what direction the teapot was travelling. Possibly it was west. Probably it wasn’t.illustration surprised mouse looking out of teapot

11/24   Birdsongs of the Fabulous Forest
Pencil, Colour Pencils
illustration small bird blue branch strange musical notes

12/24   The Puzzled Dog
Why was his back end was so happy his front end wondered?
illustration puzzled dog wagging tail

13/24   The Little Escapee
He’d run away from home but no-one was there when he came back.
illustration small dog convict clothes ball and chain

14/24   Where Teapots Come From
illustration mother teapot feeding baby teapots in nest

15/24   Pigs Always Migrate in Winter
Biro, Watercolour Pencils
illustration flying blue pigs pattern

16/24   Mr Egg Dressed in Winter Furs
Ink, Coloured Tissue Paper
illustration egg shaped man on chair paper clothes

17/24   Lady Miffington in Russia
Ink, Coloured Tissue Paper
illustration wealthy woman red hat purple earring beige coat

18/24   Lord Miffington in Russia
Ink, Coloured Tissue Paper
illustration wealthy man multi-coloured hat redcoat

19/24   Mr Macaw at Play
Ink, Coloured Tissue Paper
illustration brightly coloured macaw playing on outline branch

20/24  The Red Crested Annoyance
Inks, Watercolours
illustration red crested bird on branch

21/24   The Rare Speckled Blatt
Inks, Inkblots, Watercolours
illustration green red splattered bid

22/24   The Effervescent Mr Fleeve
Biro, Watercolour Pencils
illustration fantasy character big nose red head

23/24   Great Racehorses of Our Time
Pencil, Biro, Computer Colour
illustration racehorse human face needles in arse


24/24  Ducks and their Markings